Zero Touch® | ZTG - 3333

ZeroTouch is a high-speed non-contact multipurpose metrology platform that inspects parts faster than traditional CMMs.

A robust, non-contact metrology platform, ZeroTouch rapidly captures millions of data points to create a high-precision 3D point cloud, enabling rapid measurement of complex part geometries and precise inspection of the most intricate parts with low GRR.

Industries & Applications



 Precision Manufacturing


 Turbine blades






 Compressor blades

 Powertrain components

 Gears & sprockets




 Break components

 Valve bodies

 Gasket surfaces

 Precision tools and bearings

 Parts & assemblies with   electropolished surfaces

 Machined parts with   complex geometries

 Parts with sealing surfaces

 Medical Devices


 Dental implants

 Medical implants

 (ocular, spinal, orthopedic)

 Surgical & general   instruments



  (mandibular, cranial,  osteo)



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