The company

A story of quality and precision to your service

OGP HOMMEL Italia has been committed to offering the best measuring instruments for various fields of the industry since 1991. Our commercial presence has extended from the national market to international, including Switzerland with the OGP AG headquarters, up to Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, and Malta.

Since it was born, our reality has had a remarkable growth and has achieved numerous goals, thanks to the passion and values of its employees who demonstrate their abilities on the field for over 25 years, in fact, today it offers a wide range of high-quality instruments and machinery, they are produced by the best experts in the sector who are leaders in the field of metrology and dimensional control.

The long experience acquired in close contact with small, medium and large companies has allowed us to guarantee the customer a very high level of technical support, from the pre-sales stage, continuing with the installation and training of the personnel assigned to using the machines of measure.

Our after-sales service ensures maintenance and spare parts are always available in stock for the entire duration of use, providing an ad hoc service to solve our customers' issues.

We also offer a specific certification, program of maintenance and hardware and software retrofit activity in strict compliance with the standards of current regulations and above all authorized by the manufacturers that we represent.

This system has allowed us to build a solid heritage of trusted relationships with hundreds of customers and over two thousand measurement machine installations that are recognized for their high quality and excellent performance.


Our mission

Our main objective is to assist the client in achieving his goals, we aim to guarantee top quality, reliability and assistance for over 25 years.

We guide companies in choosing the most suitable measurement system according to their needs, in fact every day our experts are committed to offering the right solution at the right time, affirming their competitive advantage in different sectors of the industry.

Who chose us

The best Italian and European companies have chosen to work with OGP HOMMEL ITALIA, thanks to our motivation and great commitment that push us every day to improve ourselves and our reality, this makes us very proud and always leads us to do our best on every occasion.

Our Brands

To ensure the most advanced tecnologies available, we choose to represent companies recognized as majors producers for metrological, quality control and tomographic inspections market.

  • Qvi, Quality Vision International: one of the world's largest vision metrology company for optical and multisensor measuring systems
  • Jenoptik Group, Industrial Metrology division: develops and produces high-precision optical and tactile systems to optimize quality control in production processes
  • diondo Gmbh: develops and produces CT and X-ray systems with the maximum flexibility and leading-edge techonology to provide custom tailored solutions